Anvarol Review – Dosage, Benefits, And Side Effects

12 May 2020

If you are an active bodybuilder, you would know how intimidating it is to build a good physique. A proper diet and regular strenuous exercises would only help you up to a certain limit, as they are time-consuming. Hence, to accelerate the rate of muscle building, it is essential to use bodybuilding supplements along with your regular diet. Steroids are the most favored supplements for bodybuilding.

These steroids help you to gain muscle mass in a short period. However, they have extensive side effects on your body such as gynecomastia, low libido, insomnia, baldness, cardiovascular diseases, etc. These side effects have led to the ban of steroids by various countries.

Why do you want to compromise your health by using these supplements? Who would want to get into trouble by consuming these illegal drugs? There are several safe and legal alternatives to steroids – one of them being ANVAROL.

Continue reading this article to know more about Anvarol, its benefits, dosage, and side effects.

Anvarol – What Is It?

Anvarol is a legal bodybuilding supplement made up of safe and natural ingredients. It is manufactured by Crazy Bulk, a well-known supplement manufacturing company, as an alternative to the anabolic steroid – Anavar.

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It stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis in your muscle tissues, which helps to generate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) rapidly. This ATP provides your muscles with extra energy and strength for harder and longer workouts. Hence, Anvarol provides you with a constant source of energy. It is predominantly used during the cutting phase, as it shreds body fat without water retention and maintains lean muscle mass. 



  • It enhances muscle hardness and density, as it has protein-rich ingredients like soy protein and whey protein.
  • They help in maintaining lean muscle mass due to the presence of BCAAs.
  • It helps in burning visceral and subcutaneous fat present in your body and helps you lose weight.
  • It boosts your libido; as it has yam, which is a source of natural DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). DHEA helps in building muscles and improves your sex drive.
  • It augments your performance and endurance levels, because it produces ATP to provide you with optimum strength and energy.
  • It also increases vascularity; thereby, enhancing the recovery of muscles.
  • Anvarol provides you with the desired results in a reasonable amount of time if it is used as per the directions mentioned by the manufacturer.


It is recommended to take 3 capsules per day, along with water, approximately 15-20 minutes after your daily workout. These 3 capsules are to be consumed simultaneously.

On non-workout days, continue to consume 3 capsules every day after breakfast. You must be consistent with its intake, as skipping a dosage can impair your bodybuilding progress.

For ideal results, it is recommended to use Anvarol for 2 months continuously, followed by discontinuing its use for 1.5 weeks.

The manufacturer recommends to stack Anvarol with other supplements for a better outcome. These supplements are best effective when taken along with a suitable, balanced diet and regular exercise.

Side Effects

This steroid alternative has been formulated after conducting many researches. Thereafter, Anvarol has been prepared using natural ingredients like Soy protein, Whey protein, Yam, BCAAs, and ATP. As Anvarol has natural ingredients, it is safe for consumption and does not cause any harmful side effects. To date, no adverse effects have been reported, if used as per the directions. The only thing is to look out for allergies or intolerance to any of its ingredients.

Anvarol is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements, which has anabolic properties, similar to that of Anavar, but without the dangerous side effects. Hence, this supplement is more preferred than its steroid counterpart – Anavar.

Try these legal and safe supplements to improve your bodybuilding performance, without worrying about any undesirable consequences and see for yourself, the advantages of Anvarol.

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