Top 3 Best SARMs For BodyBuilding In 2020

23 Apr 2020

SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and as the name
suggests, they work only on selective androgen receptors.

They are very different from the traditional steroids, because steroids have impacts on your entire body
whereas SARMs hit only selective areas of your body, mainly muscles and fat.
Human body produces androgens which are responsible for our body’s
characteristic traits.

A lot of these androgens are related to masculine traits like
muscle development and their maintenance. Out of all the androgens, testosterone
is the most known and important androgen.

The advantage of using SARMs over your traditional steroids is that SARM do not
contain a lot of unnecessary chemicals artificial ingredients which the steroids is
made up from.

This means that unlike using steroids, using SARMs help you
control the results or outputs from consuming these SARMs. By using SARMs,
you won’t be able to experience the crazy and uncontrolled muscle growth you
experience when you use anabolic steroids, but rather you will be able to witness
great gains of selective muscle groups and you will be able to stay much healthier
for a much longer period of time because you are not consuming chemicals and
artificial ingredients a lot.

How to take SARMs?

SARMs are available in various types. They can either be consumed as powder, or they can be injected in form of liquids or they can be eaten as tablets or capsules. We will talk about all of them individually.

​This is the cheapest and the toughest way of consuming SARMs because before taking them, you’ll have to measure every dose on a micro-scale every time you consume it and this can be a very hectic task. Plus, this method has the highest chances of an error in the recommended dosage.

​They are quite easy to administer as you will have to just inject them at the right place suggested by the fitness experts. SARMs when consumed in such a way are not that cheap, but they are not very costly either.

But it is quite difficult to administer the correct dose because the correct does lies in millimeters and the chances of an error are still quite high.

The easiest and the costliest method of consuming SARMs. No need to measure the dosage every time, you just need to take out the recommended number of capsules every time and gulp them down your throat.


However, there is no universally recommended dosage of taking SARMs and it varies from company to company who manufactures them. The dosage is written over the label itself and you’ll have to have a good look to find out about the dose you need to take. However, they have been in use for quite sometime now and there are a few established facts about taking SARMs.


The lowest dose for any individual is of about 10 mg while the upper limit should not exceed 30 mg. It is always recommended to start by 10 mg and then slowly work your way up by adding 5 mg to your dosage as you move up.

Best SARMs available

Following are the best SARMs which are available for bodybuilding.

Ostarine MK-2866 is one of the most popular SARMs today because it has been highly researched and has been clinically proven for the benefits it carries. It is not very expensive and is easily available almost everywhere and is often considered the best product to start your bodybuilding journey with. It has numerous benefits and some of them are-

  1. It helps you in gaining lean muscle mass.


  1. It helps you in increasing your core strength.


  1. It improves the time taken by your body to recover from workout sessions.


  1. It helps your body to loose extra fat and thus promotes weight loss.


  1. When on a calorie deficit diet, it helps you retain your muscle mass.

RAD 140 is the best SARM if your main goal is bulking. It helps you gain a lot of muscle mass and loose a lot of fat from your body in relatively shorter periods of time. The best part of using RAD 140 is that it has got an anabolic ratio of 90:1 which means that it is 90% as effective as natural testosterone and has only 1


5 of the side effects which make it such a popular choice in the world of bodybuilding.


The benefits of you consuming this SARM is discussed below.


  1. It helps your body get rid of extra and unnecessary fat.


  1. It increases the overall strength of your body.


  1. It lowers the time taken by your body to recover from workouts.


  1. It helps you retain muscles while cutting.

Ligandrol has been proven scientifically for its efficiency. However, it is not as strong and effective as the above two mentioned SARMs and the gains you would experience from the above two would be more compared to the gains you will be able to achieve from Ligandrol LGD SARM. Thus Ligandrol is taken for a longer period of time and in higher doses when compared to the above two and some of its benefits are-


  1. It is one of the selected SARMs which increase the density of your bones.


  1. It helps your body gain muscle mass.


  1. It increases the overall strength in your body.


  1. It enhances your body’s endurance.


  1. It helps you get better pumps.



These are some of the best SARMs available in the market for overall development of your body. But if you want selective gains only, you can choose any one from the following mentioned SARMs.

Best SARMs for Bulking

  • RAD 140
  • LGD 4033
  • MK-677

Best SARMs for Fat Loss.

  • MK-2866
  • GW-501516

Best SARMs for Strength.

  • LGD-4033
  • YK-11
  • RAD-140


SARMs aren’t any magical supplements which will show their results overnight. It will take some time for your body to show the results from consuming SARMs. Every individual has a different body requirement and only you would be able to find which SARM will be most suited for your body.

When supplemented with proper workout routines, SARMs will do wonders on your body. So eat right, workout hard and take these SARMs only in the recommended dosage for the best results without harming your precious health and your body.


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