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23 Apr 2020

SARM Stack is the process of consuming two different SARM supplements together simultaneously to lessen the time taken to get effective results.

Benefits of SARM Stack

Building an ideal body is a very tedious process. It requires a lot of dedication and hardwork before you can see your body transform in the shape you want it to be in.

Bodybuilders have to follow a very strict diet plan and also workout very hard to build the body they want.

This is where SARM is beneficial because taking SARMs is an effective way of developing your dream body without working really hard and saving a lot of your time and energy.

Because SARMs do not have any side effects on our bodies, it is perfectly safe to use two or more SARMs together to achieve better results in a comparatively shorter amount of time.

However stacking SARMs can work only when you are well aware about the gains you want to achieve. It is well known that SARMs hit only a particular area of your body or they have a specific role. Some of them are used to aid weight and fat loss, some help your body gain muscle mass while some help you get lean muscles. So by knowing about SARMs you will be able to stack them properly keeping in mind the gains which you wanna achieve.

Here are some stacks you can choose from.

Stacks for Bulking

LGD-4033 is one of the most popular and effective SARMs if you wanna bulk up your body. It enhances glycogen storage in your body and also promotes synthesis of proteins within your body. And it also stimulates blood to cells present in different parts of your body. Thus it helps in rapid growth of muscles and also reduces the time taken by your body to recover from fatigue.

Another SARM for bulking is the RAD-140 and it is considered to be the best SARM in the market for bulking up. It’s effectiveness is about 90% when compared with Testosterone hormone and does not have any side effects.


Another very popular bulking SARM is YK-11. It is a very powerful SARM which is known to give drastic results over shorter periods of time. It inhibits myostatin functions in our body leading to faster muscle growth. Myostatin functions avoid the growth of muscles in our body and consuming LK-11 will help you avoid these Myostatin functions.


MK-677 is also one of the popular SARMs available because it is much more affordable than all the other SARMs mentioned above. However, it cannot deliver results as fast as the SARMs mentioned above.


If you want instant results you should combine all of the above and consume them for over eight weeks. The exact dosage will vary and you should consult about the dosage with your fitness instructor only.


However if you want mild results, you should stack LGD-4033 with MK-677 and use it for over six weeks. The dosage will again vary and it should be consulted with your fitness instructor only.

Stacks for Cutting

Cutting SARMs help you lose extra fat stored in your body without losing out on muscle mass in your body.


Ostarine is one such cutting SARM which is very versatile as well and can serve the purposes of cutting as well as bulking. This is the reason why it is not the best SARM for cutting because it does not focus entirely on cutting but also has some bulking properties.

However, it is the most ideal SARM supplement because it can help preserve and increase muscle growth while you are cutting. 

Cardarine is one of the most popular cutting SARM amongst bodybuilders because it has excellent cardiovascular benefits and thus is a lifesaver to a lot of bodybuilders and athletes. Cardarine helps you loose fast very quickly and also increases your body’s energy levels.


S4 or Andarine is also very popular cutting SARM and can help you in your fat loss journey.

It helps your body convert excessive fat into fuel which provides energy to your body during your workout sessions when you really need that extra energy to complete the set.


If your goal is to loose fat gradually over time, you can stack Ostarine and Cardarine together and consume them for over six weeks. The exact dosage should be discussed with your fitness trainers.


However for quick results, you should be stacking all the above mentioned SARMs together and the dosage should be fixed by your trainer only.


Stacks for Muscle Mass Gains

If you want to add muscle mass and lose extra fat in the same time, there are four SARMs which can be used for this purpose. They are :

  • Ligandrol
  • Stenabolic
  • MK677
  • Cardarine

If you want to achieve results slowly and gradually over a period of time, you should stack up 5mg of Ligandrol and 10mg of Cardarine in the first week of your stacking.

In the next four weeks which follow, you should stack up and consume 10ml of Ligandrol and 20mg of Cardarine. And in the final week, you should add 5mg of Ligandrol and 10mg of Cardarine to your stack from the previous weeks i.e in the final week you should stack up 15mg of Ligandrol and 30mg of Cardarine.

However, if you want to achieve faster results, you should stack up Ligandrol, Cardarine and MK677 and consume it for eight weeks to achieve results very quickly. Throughout the period, you should stack up 10mg of Ligandrol, 20mg of Cardarine and 25mg of MK677.


Stacks for Healing

Workout often leaves individuals with joint pains, sore muscles and torn tissues.

However, stacking up SARMs can help you get rid of these problems.

You need to stack up MK677 and Ostarine also known as MK-2866. Stacking these two SARMs together will help your body in improving bone density and strength and will also support your muscles.

In the end, the needs of every individual are different from others and only you can know what will suit your body the most.

So before starting, you should know about the effects, doses and benefits of various SARMs.

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